There are many things about the new age of sports journalism that make me question the future of this industry. Instant access has changed the way young storytellers survive, because in certain journalistic circles tweeting the information first is more important than the actual story itself. I don't strive to be that kind of journalist or that kind of writer -- it's just not me. What I do strive to be is a reporter of the remarkable, like a Steelers player that took custody of his five younger siblings at 20 or of a short point guard that needed to be battle tested his entire life to succeed. I'm not here to tell you where Dwight Howard ate lunch the other day. My name is Everett Cook, and I'm here to tell stories. 

It's a magical world out there. Let's go exploring. 

Everett Cook

Basic Information: 

  • Originally from San Jose, California
  • Senior at the University of Michigan, B.A. in English with a focus in Creative Writing. 
  • Former summer intern with both The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and ​The Baltimore Sun.  
  • ​Covered everything from a Final Four to an outdoor college hockey game to a baseball card auction.
  • Avid Bruce Springsteen fan.